More Pillowcases and the Marine Corps Quilt

April 23, 2010 rostockdea

Two nights ago I met with several other ladies and we made 30 pillow cases in one night!  We have now collected 72 pillowcases on our quest to donate 200 of them to Cases for Smiling Faces.  It is so interesting to see the fabric that is matched for these really fun Pillowcases.  I am thinking of making several just for grandkids and for family members.  Think of all the fun thinks that you can do with the scraps in your sewing room.  I am looking forward to making Halloween Pillowcases for the grandkids to use trick or treating.  Think of how much your family would love to have their own Christmas Pillowcases.  I think that the possibilities are endless. 

Today I received the last of the military quilts from the Quilter Laura Walls.  It has really turned out to be a nice piece.  I cannot wait to see what each of these will bring on Armed forces day.  These will be auctioned off at a Lions convention.  Should be a great day!

I have started to receive requests for quilts from charity group in my quest to use as much fabric as I can in this year out of my stash and to give the projects to charity.  Well I am on my way to make the binding for the Marine Corps Quilt.  Must keep moving on to bigger and better projects each day.


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